12 June 2019 / Website Design
by Chelsea Boone

Online Offers 3.0

Why it is important to your business to have promotions on your website:

Everyone wants leads, and everyone thinks they know how to get them, but do you know how to CAPTURE them? Promotions. Your services are great, you have a ton of benefits to offer, but how do you motivate someone who isn’t quite sure they’re ready to commit to come experience your awesome services? Yes, promotions! Promotions in the form of Online Offers in work alongside your service pages to help you get even more leads.

Promotions are so important to include on your website because they are the easiest way to get people to take action. The right online offer can take your website viewers from passive user to active client! Something as simple as a “Free Service,” or “Discounted Service For $19.99” can escalate your lead growth from zero new clients to hiring new team members to keep track of the lead explosion!

You’re thinking, sure, this is important, but how do I get started?

With our new Online Offers 3.0 revamp, get an all-encompassing experience that is easy and beneficial for both you AND the user!


Benefits Of Online Offers 3.0:  

The Online Offers feature has always been a fan favorite of NextRep Websites clients – which is why we took the opportunity to make it even better!

Now, not only can you take advantage of promotions to boost your website leads, but you can also now use discount codes. That’s right, DISCOUNT CODES!

We heard our client base and we listened.

Incentivize users to sign up for your trial offers through discount codes they can apply straight from your checkout page! Offer discount codes for holidays, special events, and more. With discount codes, you can take your online promotions to the next level.

So I can offer promotions, and I can incentivize users to take action with discount codes, but what if they don’t sign up?

Not to worry, with the integration of an easy 2-step checkout process, you capture users lead information on the first page even if they don’t fully take advantage of your awesome offer.

Now you can not only capture user information, but you can simplify the closing process later down the road!

Customization is just the cherry on top of Online Offers 3.0. You can now host multiple promotions for one program. Have a summer camp promotion AND a free week trial? No problem, users can pick and choose! Customize your online offers images by utilizing custom content that accurately depicts brand perception.

Also, did I mention this tool is completely FREE to all existing NextRep customers???

Contact Us Contact Us

I know you’re ready to get the ball rolling. All you need to do to take advantage of these amazing offers is to reach out to info@nextrepwebsites.com where one of our awesome Team members can hook you up as fast as possible!

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Your Website Can Bring In New Leads. If you're serious about growing your business
you need to request information now
Your Website Can Bring In New Leads. If you're serious about growing your business
you need to request information now

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